School of Intellectual Property Rights

School of Intellectual Property Rights 2022/2023 – General information

The main pillar of the Centre is the School of Intellectual Property Rights. We are currently accepting applications for the 14th edition of the IP School that will start in October 2022 in Warsaw. The school is open to all persons who wish to gain real knowledge in the IP area. Graduation from law studies or specific level of knowledge is not a requirement, which acts in favour of the school when compared to post-graduate studies. The school is thus open to law students, graduates, trainees, as well as lawyers who completed their legal training and wish to expand their knowledge in the IP area. The main limitation refers to the number of students in a given year that cannot be greater than 30 persons. The Centre is to educate elite lawyers in the IP area and is not meant to focus on mass education.

The School of Intellectual Property Rights offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all IP areas, particularly: copyright, patents, trademarks, combating unfair competition, Internet law, trade in software, Internet domains, civil proceedings in the IP area, pharmaceutical law, personal data protection, ICT law, antitrust law and consumer protection. The main teaching method to be used will be the Socratic method used at the universities in the USA and the case studies.

Persons completing the School of Intellectual Property Rights will be awarded official diplomas, and the Centre will try to offer practices to the best graduates in institutions cooperating with the Centre.

The lectures take place every other Saturday of the month from October 2022 to June 2023, from 10 AM to 5 PM, so as to manage the time in the most effective manner, without any harm for other activities taken up by the students or tutors.


Duration of the IP SchoolOctober 2022 – June 2023
Days of classesEvery other Saturday of the month
Time of classes10 AM – 5 PM (lunch break 1 PM – 2 PM)
Form of classesMix: online classes – about 70%, at least 3 classes taking place in the classroom
Points for legal counsels and attorneys at lawPossibility of crediting the completion of the IP School as part of professional development obligation


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