About Us

The Centre is an initiative gathering specialists in intellectual property rights and new technologies law.

We focus on practical education of young generations of lawyers interested in this field of law. We aim to present practical skills and know-how on intellectual property and new technologies law. Thus we omit the unnecessary historical and theoretical burden.

We prepare young lawyers to pursue their profession in renowned law offices and international corporations.

The Centre answers the growing need of specialisation among lawyers at a time when graduation from law school and selected legal training do not guarantee success on the market. As a result, we wish to offer you knowledge valued by the best employers, which is guaranteed by the fact that the majority of tutors stems from such institutions.


The main pillar of the Centre is the School of Intellectual Property Rights. It is a new chapter in the history of Polish education related to Intellectual Property Law, as it mainly focuses on practice in IP education. The offer of the School of Intellectual Property Rights is addressed to all persons interested in gaining knowledge and skills in the area of IP and IT law. We provide classes on copyright, patents, trademarks, combating unfair competition, antitrust law, pharmaceutical law, personal data protection. If you want to expand your knowledge in these areas and gain specific skills valued by the best employers, the Centre is an ideal place for you. Detailed information about the School of Intellectual Property Rights can be found in the “IP School” tab.


The second pillar of the Centre is the School of New Technologies Rights and Law which prepares the lawyers for dealing with the issues of new technologies from the technological and business perspective. Only deep understanding of technological aspects of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things or blockchain enables the lawyers to keep up with new projects and professional legal services for the new technologies industry. In the IT/TMT School we focus mainly on business and technological aspects of new technologies, and thus it is divided into two sections. The first one covers technological aspects and classes are conducted by persons from new technologies industry who deal with these issues on a daily basis. The second one deals with the legal aspects of new technologies. If you want to prepare for the coming of artificial intelligence and be a modern lawyer in the era of new technologies, you are at the right place.


The IP Centre also offers training sessions for companies, universities and public institutions in the area of intellectual property, innovation protection, public aid in the sphere of intellectual property. Training sessions are organised all over Poland on the basis of a curriculum drawn up together with the interested institution and tailored to the needs of training participants.


The Centre is also an expert institution which participates in legislation projects, prepares opinions and expertises on the creation and application of intellectual property law.  We also prepare opinions for the purposes of court trials and appraisals of intellectual property in relation to court trials concerning infringement of intellectual property rights.


The IP Centre functions as a recruitment platform where large law offices and corporations can meet and then hire the best graduates of the Centre. We want to help our graduates to find employment or interesting practices or internships. If you want to start your adventure with intellectual property or find attractive work in the area of new technologies law, you’re in the right place.

Our initiative enables younger lawyers to learn the ropes with regard to work in large law offices and corporations and to make beneficial contacts.

The Centre is also a community initiative which gathers IP specialists from all over Poland whose goal is to activate this milieu by joint conferences, seminars, training sessions, publications and academic enterprises. The IP Centre is to gather leaders and specialists from the broadly-understood IP area.


Arkadiusz Michalak

Dr Arkadiusz Michalak
Legal Counsel/ Patent Attorney

President of the Management Board/ Founder

Hugo Grotius Centre of Intellectual Property Rights


The information contained on this website is not an offer and does not create a legally binding obligation to conclude any contract by the Center or persons cooperating with it. The Center reserves the right to change the information placed on this website at any time and is not responsible for any actions or omissions, including damages incurred in this respect, taken on the basis of reading this website..